ARS-Bangladesh has a flock of professional staff with extensive experience and specialization in the areas of microfinance, agriculture, Solar, Biogas, Improve Cooked Stove, fisheries, health, sanitation, education, environment, community development etc. At present, including field and part time staff, ARS-Bangladesh is being assisted by about 216 personnel. The total number of trained volunteer is 207

ARS-Bangladesh Complex:

ARS-Bangladesh built ARS-Bangladesh Complex as headquarter distinguished by unique architectural design and modern amenities on its own piece of land located at Jagahati of Jessore district. It is a multifunctional infrastructure having a total of 6 floors. Ground floor of the building is being used as office. A large training hall retaining capacity of 200 seats has been setup at first floor. A conference hall of 75 seats is located at second floor. Third to fifth floor of the building hold 6 AC rooms and 6 non-AC rooms offering residential facilities for 30 persons. Open ground around the complex as provision to arrange hefty social event of 500 people with car parking.

ARS-Bangladesh Training Centre:

ARS-Bangladesh constructed a three-storied Training Centre on its own land located at satellite city of Jessore. Training Centre comprises a spacious training-cum-seminar room preserving capacity of 120 seats and 6 residential rooms having arrangement to lodge 20 persons. The centre has parking facility for 20 cars and 20 motorcycles.