ARS-Bangladesh is passionate to implement two exclusive projects in near future upon gaining donations from local/overseas individuals or organizations.

Rehabilitation and Therapy Centre(RTC) will be founded to provide elderly people, victims of road accident and people injured by any disaster with long-term treatment and associated support in regaining physical ability as well as permanent residential facility. ARS-Bangladesh is interested to build infrastructure for Rehabilitation and Therapy Centre upon pledge of providing operational expenses from local/overseas well off individuals and donor organizations.
Services to deliver through Rehabilitation and Therapy centre (RTC):
a. To deliver long-term health services to stroke patients after providing them with neurological treatment.
b. To deliver health services to people suffering from paralysis and provide them with long-term physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy towards regaining physical ability.
c. To deliver emergency treatment to road accident victims and provide them with long-term treatment services.
d. To provide prosthetic services to people who lost their limbs.
e. To ensure rehabilitation and other facilities for elderly people.
f. To ensure any facilities for the disable people.
Government of Bangladesh does not have adequate facilities to implement projects/programs towards acceleration of education and employment of deaf people of the country. In this context, ARS-Bangladesh is apt to establish a sign language and ICT centre in the country with all modern facilities to transform deaf people into skilled workforce with a view to promote their education and self-employment.
Special Mention:
Two buildings are under construction with own finance of ARS-Bangladesh to implement two forenamed projects/programs. Among those structures, one is a Five-storey building having space of 4500 sqft in each floor and the other is a one-storey building on 11 decimal land having space of 1800 sqft in each floor.
Donations from foreign individuals or overseas donor agencies are needed. Any person is entitled to label the center(s) after his/her name through donating a certain amount of money.