Agricultural Loan (AgL) Program

This program is pivotal in eradicating rural poverty through three credit modules:

  1. Agriculture Sector Microcredit (ASM) Program: A six-month term loan for cultivating seasonal vegetables, paddy, jute, other crops, and flowers. Recipients repay loans in a single installment after harvest. Successful cultivators may qualify for refinancing, reducing gaps between crop cultivation and building farmer confidence. This loan also supports fish, goat, and cow rearing, milk production, and agricultural equipment procurement.
  2. Spice, Maize, and Oil Seed (SMO) Program: This loan supports the production of spices, oilseed, onion, garlic, turmeric, green chili, beans, and maize, with a 4% annual service charge. The low service charge and high profitability encourage farmers to explore these sectors. The significant impact includes reduced imports of these items, saving substantial foreign currency.