During 2021, ARS-Bangladesh has embarked on a journey to pursue its mission of poverty alleviation of rural people, reduction of environmental degradation and empowerment of grassroots people through expansion of Microcredit Program, Renewable Energy Program and other Development Programs. I am distinctly pleased to present this annual report documenting many remarkable accomplishments of ARS-Bangladesh in 2021.

Microcredit Program has enabled a lot of poor people to change their socio-economic condition. It has built confidence of women beneficiaries to confront gender inequities. Accessible, compliant and affordable microcredit services of ARS-Bangladesh empowered the poor to make their own choices and build their way out of poverty.  Microcredit Program of ARS-Bangladesh has remained focused to rural poverty alleviation through some effective modules, namely, Credit for Poverty Alleviation, Agriculture Credit Program, Micro Enterprise Loan and Ten Taka Account Holder Loan.

Other mentionable development efforts and programs undertaken by the organization include ARS-ICT Institute, Human Rights Program, Relief Distribution Program, Vulnerable Group Development Program (VGD) and Training Program.

I demonstrate my profound appreciation to our all financial and strategic partners, all members of General Committee, Executive Committee, Advisory Committee, staff of Head Office and Branch Offices, our valued volunteers, and all other stakeholders who directly and indirectly took part in our initiatives to change.