The fiscal year 2020-2021 was yet again a successful one for ARS-Bangladesh in addressing challenges of poverty alleviation of rurally based hardcore poor, protection of environment and empowerment of grassroots community. ARS-Bangladesh delivered microfinance services, introduced renewable/green energy and carried out multi-dimensional development activities to fight the battle against extreme poverty, environment pollution and vulnerabilities of grassroots community.

Our microfinance services mostly outfitted women from extremely poor households to pave their way out of poverty. This year ARS-Bangladesh strengthened its collaboration with scores of Banks to bring unbanked farmers under the canopy of agro loans through its Agriculture Credit Program. Small loans provided through Microfinance Program of ARS-Bangladesh profoundly contributed in alleviating poverty, improving health, increasing education and uplifting women’s empowerment.

I show my unfathomable appreciation to our all financial and strategic partners, all members of General Committee, Executive Committee, Advisory Committee, staff of Head Office and Branch Offices, our valued volunteers, and all other stakeholders who with their befitting supports pursued the accomplishments.