Mission of ARS-Bangladesh is to empower marginalized and underprivileged communities of the country towards sustainable socio-economic advancement by providing need-based services and supports within frameworks of microfinance, housing, agriculture, health, education, sanitation, gender, SHS, ICS, environment and human rights.



  • Build vocational and life skills towards self-employment.
  • Provide micro-credit to develop entrepreneurship.
  • Promote agriculture, fisheries and livestock to increase household income and food supply.
  • Promote awareness, enhance capacity and outreach most essential services to promote health and hygiene situation.
  • Provide combined formal and non-formal education to promote basic and life aptitude education.
  • Build awareness and infrastructure to endorse community sanitation.
  • Create mass awareness, build community capacity and facilitate policy and stakeholder level advocacy to advance rights of women, children and persons with disabilities.
  • Prop up mass awareness, promote community based adaptation and disaster management mechanism and uphold environmental justice to reduce environmental degradation, cope up with effects of climate change and reduce vulnerability of at-risk populations.