ARS-Bangladesh is a completely smoke-free institution.
Smoking during the recruitment period is discouraged by job candidates. Campaigns to discourage smoking are also carried out at family level. Microfinance members are alerted and properly advised at the time of disbursement of loans. Fathers, uncles, brothers and friends are campaigned on the evils of smoking. The use of smoking and tobacco products has increased, people are suffering from various diseases including cancer.
Due to lack of awareness, especially the rural population addicted to smoking, day laborers are facing more health risks.

Legislating high tax rates on tobacco products and stopping the advertising of the manufacturing companies have not yielded much benefit.

For a long time, our organization has been working on anti-smoking campaigns and awareness of the ill effects and health risks of smoking.

At various times, expert doctors, social ser

vice officers, social scientists, NGO personalities and colleagues and people addicted to smoking come to our programs.

Our organization is 100% smoke-free and all colleagues are introduced to the harmful effects of smoking on induction and are encouraged to participate in anti-smoking campaigns in the workplace.