1. Credit for Poverty Alleviation:

     This module of credit program has been designed to alleviate poverty of rurally based people through involving them in agriculture and other small ventures including small scale farming, crops production, grocery shops, small shops, handicrafts, van rental and hawking goods. 100% (cent percent) of loans are conferred to groups selected for rural microcredit (RMC). Range of RMC loans stay below BDT 50,000 (fifty thousand). Loan recipient groups receive training on poultry farming, seasonal vegetables cultivation, paddy cultivation, jute cultivation and production of seasonal crops. This loan module creates long-term (1-3 years) membership, promotes large-scale agriculture, builds up small entrepreneurships and improves living standard of target groups.


    1. Agriculture Credit Program:

    This program plays pivotal role to eradicate poverty of rural people through 3 (three) credit modules such as  (a) Seasonal Agro Loan,  (b) Loan for Spice, Oilseed and Maize, and  (c) Agriculture Sector Loan.

    • Loan for Spice, Oilseed and Maize: This loan is given for production of spices, oilseed, onion, garlic, turmeric, green chili, beans and maize on 4% service charge per annum. Due to low service charge on loan and high profitability of production of spices, oilseed, onion, garlic, turmeric, green chili, beans and maize many farmers are getting interested to explore this sector. The most significant impact of this loan is decline of import of spices, oilseed, onion, garlic, turmeric, green chili, beans and maize from foreign countries result as well as saving of large amount Bangladeshi currency.


    • Agriculture Sector Loan:

    This loan is delivered for fish rearing, cow rearing and milk production, goat rearing, poultry farming, cow fattening, incorporation of agricultural equipments and flower cultivation.



    1. Micro Enterprise Loan:


    This loan is conferred to setup and boost up micro enterprises like grocery shop, van cycle parts shop, medicine store, fertilizer and pesticide store, tailoring shop and fish hatchery. This loan plays very significant role to improvise trades of aforesaid enterprises, create successful and bigger traders, expand trading, formulate plan for multi-pronged business, encourage participation of women and create self-employment.

     04. COVID-19 Loan: Bangladesh Bank Refinancing Scheme/2020 for Low Income Professionals, Farmers and Marginal/Small Businesses Affected by Novel Corona Virus Outbreak.



    1. 10 Taka Accounts Holder Loan:


    This loan is exclusively given to landless poor people at nominal rate of interest who are holding Ten Taka Accounts for hawking goods, running tailoring shops and setting up small shops.


    1. Housing Loan:


    This loan program of ARS-Bangladesh is financed by Grihayan Tahbil, Bangladesh Government. Housing loan is given to the beneficiaries, long-term basis, for construction of low-cost house following prescribed design. Already we handed over 235 houses to the beneficiaries.

    Seasonal Agro Loan : This is a 6 (six) months term loan to be given for paddy cultivation, jute cultivation and vegetables cultivation. Loan recipients repay their loans through single installment payment system (SIPS) after harvesting. Successful cultivators may have refinancing prospect. Timely loan support reduces gap between cultivation of crops resulting in persistent confidence among farmers.