ARS-Bangladesh gives high priority on good governance, accountability, transparency and operating according to the approved constitution of the organization. It has a three-tier organizational structure formed of General Committee, Executive Committee and Secretariat.


General Council


The General Council comprises a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals and dignitaries of the society. The General Committee consisting of 21 members that sits annually for Annual General Meeting (AGM). The General Committee approves all the activities of the Executive Committee.



Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is formed of 7 elected members of the General Committee. It is the key functional body of the organization having responsibilities of decision-making, fund-raising, implementation, monitoring and follow-up, evaluation etc.





Secretariat is the main implementation division that operates under command of the Executive Director. The Executive Director, administrative head of the organization, is responsible for overall management, administration and implementation of its different development programs/projects and related activities along with his professional staff. Secretariat staff, branch office staff, project staff and volunteers are subordinates to the Executive Director. Secretariat is accountable to the Executive Committee.